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Stopping Animals From Getting Under Your Deck

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Do you face the issue of animals under your deck? Animal proof deck skirting is also available, but it is one of the common issues of many homeowners that animals make their living under the deck. Sometimes, it is challenging to keep the animals away from the deck.

However, the animals  proof deck skirting is one of the essential things. If you also want to keep the animals away from the deck, you must prevent their entry under the skirting.

There are different ways to get the animal-proof deck skirting by installing the wire mesh or hardware cloth under the deck. It helps stop the animals from crawling under the deck and keeps it safe. However, everyone has different deck requirements, and there are plenty of ways to keep the animals away.

If you are also looking for animal-proof deck skirting, this guide is for you. Here we will share a clear direction and ways to stop the animals from getting under your deck.
So let’s dive into it.

Why do animals enter under your deck skirting?

Before moving towards the ways to stop animals from entering under the deck, it is essential to know why they want to enter under your deck skirting?

The deck skirting is one of the prime areas in your house where animals can stay. The animals always look for dark and dry places to build their den. Therefore the area under the deck skirting is dark and dry, with enough space for animals to live. Moreover, the deck skirting is also quiet and protective.

Many animals like raccoons, skunks, and chipmunks always look for a protective place to live and hide from predators. So the deck skirting gives them protection and enough space for building nests.

However, the animals can live under the deck, but it also damages it. So every property owner wants to make the deck skirting animal-proof and protect it from the damages.

Here are the some inexpensive deck skirting ideas

Common animals who make their nest under the deck

Knowing which type of animals can go under the deck skirting is also essential. So the most common animals that love to live under the deck include

  • Woodchucks
  • Skunks
  • Rats (various species)
  • Raccoons
  • Possums
  • Otters
  • Feral cats
  • Chipmunks

Keep in mind that the feral cats are living in every city. Typically, you may find cats in many decks. However, keep in mind that the animals on deck are common even if you are not living in the wild areas.

There are most ways of under deck skirting ideas given below 

Ways to make the animal proof deck skirting

Everybody wants to get the proper use of every corner of the house, including the deck. There are also many benefits of having the deck, but it is a different debate. The animals are always an unwanted guest in your home, and you also have preventive ways to keep animals away under your deck.

Now here are simple steps or preventive ways to keep the animals away from the deck skirting and maintain its cleaning.

prevent animals getting under deck

Ensure to eliminate all the animals before closing the deck

It is one of the important ways to make animal-proof deck skirting. If you close the deck without checking it properly, you are writing the death sentence of animals under it. Once you close the deck or install the skirting, then there is no way for the animals to leave the deck and live. They struggle to find food and starve in a few days, leading to death. Keep in mind that killing animals with a purpose is not a good practice. It is not only bad for the animals but you as well.

The dead animals will start giving off an unpleasant smell under the deck. Moreover, it also attracts insects for their food, and you don’t do anything rather than open the deck.

There are plenty of ways to get rid of animals under the deck before closing it. You can use chemicals, hot sauce, soap, attractive food, and many more to get them out of the deck. It helps to clean your deck and ensure the Animal proof deck skirting.

Moreover, these animal removal practices will only help if you know which animals live under your deck. The deck is a small dark place that may give you a tough time. Therefore you can take professional help and clean your deck before closing it.

Shine a bright light under the deck

It is also a way to get the animals out of the deck before closing it. If you think that animals are still under your deck, then you can take the help of some shiny lights. Keep in mind that animals try to hide in dark and warm places. So when you bring the shiny light under the deck, the animals will leave the area. It will also help you look at the animals and scare them with any possible thing.

It is not a good sign if you have a frightened animal under the deck. Ensure that you handle these animals with care, as scary animals can harm humans.

Stopping animals from getting under your deck

Now you know that there is no living creature or animal under your deck, and it is clean. So it is the time to make your Animal proof deck skirting. There are two ways to stop the animals from going under the deck, including the above-ground and underground methods.

These two methods are equally helpful depending on the living creature in your region. However, the most practical way is to stop the animals with the right deck skirting.

Ensure to install the right deck skirting

It is one of the easiest ways to stop animals from getting under your deck.  But keep in mind that it only works well when you install the correct type of skirting on your deck. There are different types of skirting available in the market for making the Animal proof deck skirting.

So ensure to get the correct deck skirting. A few factors help you choose the right skirting according to your deck, and one of the most important is the size. The smaller size of the deck is better with the small holes.

If you have seen any cat passing from any hole, you may know that a cat can squeeze for around 3 inches to pass through it. There is no doubt that the ventilation is also essential for the deck but ensures to get the small skirting holes. It helps to stop the animals from getting under your deck.

While getting the skirt, you can take the reference of a golf ball. If a golf ball passes through your deck skirting, you need to close it to stop the animals.

Stop animals from digging around or under the skirting

Some animals can explore, and the skirt around the deck is not enough for them. The animal-proof deck skirting may fail to stop these animals, and they can make their way under the deck. Therefore, you need to do something that prevents these animals from digging around the skirting.

For example, the moat around the skirt is helpful for the crocodiles to stay away from the deck. You can also use the mesh for wiring around the skirting. It is the most effective way to stop the animals from digging.

Bury a wire mesh in the trench around the skirting or under it. It would help if you got the ¼ inch wire meshed and dug it in a groove around the deck. Ensure to make a trench with enough depth and width. Fold the wire in a specific shape, like L shaped wire is better.

Place the wire in the trench and place the longer sides under the skirting. Once you trench the meshed wire, attach it with the small stapes at a distance of every inch. Moreover, compact the wire every few inches to keep it in place.
The buried wire under the skirting will not allow the animals to dig and make their way under the deck. It may take your efforts and time but give an effective way to stop animals from getting under the deck through digging.

Make an unappealable deck for animals

It is the last but most effective way to make the animal-proof deck skirting. Some decks with large skirting are appealing to the animals. They can quickly move through them and make the houses.

However, ensure to make the unattractive deck for the animals. You can cover the deck’s ground with gravel or landscape fabric. It will make the deck uncomfortable and don’t welcome the animals to live. Remember that the animals also don’t want to sleep on the bed of gravel or rocks. So you can take off gravels and make an unappealing deck surface.

It also helps prevent vegetation growth under the deck that may encourage the animals.

Final words

Now make animal-proof deck skirting and protect your place. Once you make the deck and cover it with the right skirting, it will last for years. Therefore, ensure to make the appropriate deck and stop the animals from getting under it.

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