How to Organize Deck Furniture for Dining and Relaxing

Organize Deck Furniture for Dining
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Before choosing furniture and decor for your deck, identify its primary uses – such as entertaining or relaxing. Once this has been determined, select pieces that reflect these activities while complementing the style of your home.

Design elements that physically and visually divide up deck areas can help your smaller deck feel larger and more manageable. Hang a mirror to illuminate dark corners or expand alcoves visually.

Set Up a Bar

To optimize a small deck and save space, choose furniture that can easily be moved around. Search for stackable chairs and foldable tables as well as pieces that double as seating or storage solutions such as this wooden bistro set that folds away for indoor storage when not in use.

Opt for low-lying floor furniture that’s easy to move around when hosting movie nights or Friday night drinks with friends. Bean bags and modular sofas make great selections; opt for weather-resistant fabrics so guests can spend more time outside without worrying about accidental mud bakery mishaps or spills.

If you are considering opening a bar, creating a business plan will help guide the rest of your venture. A well-drafted plan will enable you to determine your target demographics, health regulations, zoning laws and financial projections for success.

Add Cushions

Add cushions to chairs and benches for an instant upgrade, and moisture-resistant fabrics that are easy to maintain are perfect. If your deck is narrow, pair slim chairs with accent tables to create a cozy seating area without overcrowding it; alternatively try getting furniture off of the floor like this hanging wicker seat designed specifically for small decks.

If your deck features an amazing view, make the scenery the star by choosing furniture with minimal design and colors that enhance it such as cool ocean blues near the beach or warm industrial neutrals in the city.

If you have a small deck, use zoning to determine each space’s primary function and maintain an open, clutter-free space for comfortable movement. Select multifunctional furniture pieces which save space when not being used such as this wooden foldable bistro set that can easily be stored away when not required.

Hang a Hammock

Add a hammock for the ultimate relaxing afternoon nap or place to read, without taking up much floor space. Pre-drill guide holes into each support post and screw in heavy-duty eye bolts; or wrap tree straps around them; just be careful that these don’t dig into bark layers vital to tree survival!

To make the most of a small deck, choose chairs with slim legs such as bistro chairs. Arranging two such chairs around a small table creates an aesthetically pleasing seating arrangement and helps symmetrically balance out your space.

Create an Ottoman or Chest

Ottomans have long been used as extra seating solutions. Nowadays, ottomans with under-lid storage expand this functionality even further – perfect for keeping blankets, children’s games and other clutter off your deck (Image 1). You can stain or paint it to match your wood flooring or trim; felt pads on its feet prevent scratches to the deck floor or home (Image 2).

Build an ottoman as an easy DIY project in about half a day using common tools! Start by building the base out of wooden panels. When that step is complete, follow this tutorial from abbottsathome to add an upholstered top and finish off your project!

If your small deck has limited floor space, make it feel larger by mixing large pieces with smaller decor items that make an impactful statement without dominating other deck furniture pieces – like using an ottoman with an eye-catching pattern as an accent piece!

Add Storage

When your deck serves as an active entertaining zone, look for multipurpose furniture pieces to help organize it. A slender storage cabinet can easily store lightweight items like pillows and furniture without taking up floor space; one with add-on shelves allows you to customize its use according to your own individual needs.

If you have a small deck, opt for narrow furniture pieces that can easily stack or fit under tables. Symmetrical seating arrangements – like having two sofas facing each other – can create the illusion of more space while offering guests more comfort.

Consider floor furniture like bean bags and modular couches, which can easily be moved around for movie nights or Friday nights in, cozy movie viewing and Friday night in. Not only will this style of deck decor take up less visual space but will help your deck feel bigger as well.

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