Deckorators vs Trex Composite Decking Which is Right for You?

Deckorators and Trex
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Deckorators and Trex both offer high-quality, durable composite decking products with various design options and low maintenance needs in mind. Both brands are ideal choices for creating low-maintenance outdoor spaces.

Both companies use recycled materials in their eco-friendly decking products, saving trees and keeping waste out of ecosystems such as oceans.


Deckorators and Trex offer high-quality composite decking that’s both affordable and long-term durable, with both brands providing various colors, finishes and railing options to complete any new deck project. While their products may cost similarly, selecting between them depends on your project requirements and budget constraints. Both brands also provide various railing choices to complete any new design you create for yourself.

Composite decking may be more expensive than its wood counterpart, but it requires far less upkeep. Where traditional wood requires annual staining and refinishing, its maintenance requires only occasional cleaning with occasional pressure washing required when necessary. Furthermore, installing one may increase your home’s value and make selling easier when the time comes.

Deckorators offers an assortment of accessories to complement their deck boards, such as hidden fasteners and deck railing. Their railing comes in different styles ranging from cable to aluminum as well as compliant with ADA guidelines for handrails. Furthermore, this company carries furniture pieces, lighting options, games and other necessities to complete your outdoor space.

Many homeowners seek a composite board that replicates real wood, while others may prefer something with more bold hues or textures. Both companies offer boards in a range of colours and textures to meet any taste – the lowest-cost option being Trex Transcend while their highest-end offering, Trex Voyage comes with a 25 year prorated structural warranty while Deckorators offers their mineral-based Eovations technology with 50 year structural guarantee providing added durability and stability.


No matter the style of deck you opt for, both Trex and Deckorators provide high-performing composite materials that will last a lifetime. Both brands also produce lines at affordable prices to make eco-friendly outdoor living accessible to everyone. Trex’s decking contains 95% recycled material from wood waste and plastic bags that helps reduce landfill waste while conserving resources; Trex also uses an exclusive protective layer designed to resist staining, fading, and mold growth – features that come together for eco-friendly outdoor living enjoyment!

Trex’s composite products come with an exceptional 25-year prorated structure warranty, making it one of the most durable options on the market. Furthermore, Trex is committed to protecting the environment and is one of the industry leaders when it comes to recycling: saving over 400 million pounds annually from wood scraps and plastic bags! Thanks to this commitment towards sustainability, they have become renowned manufacturers of eco-friendly decking worldwide.

Deckorators mineral-based composites offer homeowners who value low maintenance decks an excellent way to withstand the elements a worry-free solution for outdoor space. Their products are durable, aesthetically pleasing and come in various colors; while their Eovations technology gives superior strength-to-weight ratio – 35% lighter than traditional composite decking! They can withstand heavy furniture weight and hard knocks without cracking; plus moisture proofness means no expansion/contraction with heat unlike WPC/PVC counterparts.


As lumber prices increase, homeowners are turning more frequently to composite (and PVC) decking materials like Trex and Deckorators as alternatives for decking their yards. Both brands provide various styles and colors; each comes equipped with its own set of features; ultimately finding the appropriate material comes down to knowing yourself best and understanding what matters to you most when selecting one of these decking solutions.

Key factor when it comes to wet weather decking conditions is how each type of decking fares in wet conditions. While both Trex and Deckorators are made from durable materials, their different properties affect how well they perform during wet periods – Trex decks absorb water more readily while mineral-based composites from Deckorators do not. A wet test revealed that Deckorators Voyage boards absorbed only 0.5% water while Trex Transcend boards held onto 0.28% moisture content over hours of exposure.

Both brands of composite decking are engineered to withstand harsh weather, resist stains, mold, mildew and fading while remaining scratch resistant from patio furniture scratches. Trex’s capped deck boards come with an anti-stain polymer shell which protects them from staining and fading effects.

Both brands of composite decking offer an assortment of colors and textures, with Trex offering more textures while Deckorators’s Eovations technology creates tiny air pockets in the composite to make it 35% lighter than traditional composites – helping create more natural looking decks with extended longevity.


An important consideration when purchasing a composite deck is finding one with an adequate warranty program to protect your investment. Trex and Deckorators both offer excellent warranties against staining and fading; Deckorators offers 50 years; Trex only has 25. Fiberon, another leader in the composite industry, also boasts an outstanding warranty program for their products.

Fiberon makes its composite boards from recycled wood waste, plastic bags and sawdust combined with sawdust. After they are created, these boards are covered with polymer sheathing for additional weatherproofing protection; Concordia from Fiberon stands out with this offering sheathing on all four sides of each board as well as offering color choices and capping materials that emulate natural wood decking surfaces.

Trex is committed to environmental sustainability and their products are composed of 95% recycled materials. Each year they collect more than 1.5 billion trash plastic bags and other recyclables from landfills to make eco-friendly outdoor living products like decking. This demonstrates their dedication and demonstrates their dedication to sustainability.

Both companies’ composite products are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions without losing color, with Trex’s Transcend line available at large box stores having more color choices than the Fiberon Voyage line. Both brands boast longstanding reputations of quality and durability; when selecting one it’s important to take into account both your individual needs and budget when making your decision.

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