How to Find the Cheapest Composite Decking Boards

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Homeowners looking for the most economical outdoor decking solution should consider cheapest composite decking boards. It’s important to understand that the cost of installing a composite deck depends on various factors, such as location, yard grading, and leveling expenses.

Some composite brands might even require sturdy steel substructures, which could impact the overall cost. Additionally, if you have an existing deck that needs removal, proper disposal costs should be factored in.

When evaluating options, remember that investing in affordable composite decking boards not only saves money upfront but also offers a durable and long-lasting solution for your outdoor space.


Trex is one of the world’s leading composite wood manufacturers, having pioneered this category. Their decking offers low maintenance requirements, fade resistance and durability; available in an array of colors to complement any home’s decor. Trex offers three product lines, from budget-conscious Enhance to the more premium Transcend options.

Trex Enhanced is the more cost-conscious choice, costing between $5 and $7 per square foot. These boards measure 0.94 inches thick and feature scalloped bottoms to facilitate drainage and prevent mold and rot problems, plus are highly scratch-resistant. Enhance comes in two styles – Naturals offers more colors with an authentic wood grain appearance while Basics is more economical option.

No matter if you’re building or renovating an existing deck, finding a reliable contractor with experience working with composite materials is paramount to its success. Ask friends and family for references as well as checking online reviews to locate one who will explain the process and give an estimated cost.

Trex products can be found at large lumber suppliers or big box hardware stores, with local dealers listed on the company website where you can purchase what’s needed for your project. In addition, these materials and supplies can also be ordered online from a national distributor.


Fiberon is an emerging player in the composite decking market and makes an aggressive push to compete with Trex for quality. Their products offer high resistance against fading, staining, and slips as well as coming in an assortment of colors and designs to complement your home exterior – including railings, cladding and fencing options that help create your ideal outdoor living space.

These decks are created using recycled materials and produced in two zero-waste plants to minimize their environmental impact. Their manufacturing process lowers greenhouse gas emissions without using preservative chemicals or deforestation methods; plus their decks require minimal upkeep compared with wooden alternatives.

Fiberon provides industry-leading fade, stain, and performance warranties as well as offering an impressive variety of color options and board thicknesses such as 1″ and 2″. Furthermore, grooved boards offer additional weight savings over square boards.

To select the product that’s ideal for you, take into account your budget and desired level of maintenance. When looking at companies with engineering reports on file as many building authorities won’t issue permits without one. Furthermore, local availability should also be considered; preferring companies who sell their products through distributors or lumberyards may help with decision-making.


One of the best ways to estimate how much a composite deck will cost is by visiting your local lumberyard or building supply store and testing out their boards. Ask them for an approximate price estimate; keep in mind however, that these are estimates only and do not account for railing and substructure costs.

When comparing costs associated with different composite decking brands, it is essential to factor in all project expenses such as labor, permits and materials.

Furthermore, selecting products with up-to-date engineering reports may prove particularly useful in areas where local governments require this sort of documentation for new building permits.

It may also help if manufacturers stock their products at local distribution centers or lumberyards so returns and future purchases become simpler.

As well as reduced maintenance costs, composite decking offers many other advantages for homeowners.

It does not need to be stained or sealed like wood and it resists warping and weathering better; less susceptible to insect damage too! Investing in one may even allow recoup of some costs when selling their home and its installation can reduce material waste considerably compared with more traditional decking solutions.


Addition of a deck can greatly enhance the aesthetics and value of any home, yet homeowners must carefully choose their contractor.

While picking the lowest bidder may save money in the short-term, this may come back to bite if the quality of work disappoints; furthermore hiring contractors without adequate credentials may put both you and your family in jeopardy.

AZEK is one of the premier manufacturers of composite decking. Utilizing recycled materials to craft its products, AZEK’s decks are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional wood decking materials and have limited lifetime warranties with no splintering and easy cleanup – plus AZEK offers an array of colors and designs that suit every taste!

Trex vs Azek

Both brands provide low maintenance options, with AZEK being superior for those seeking to minimize cost-intensive maintenance and repairs. Both brands are highly durable; AZEK stands out with its pure cellular PVC construction; this makes it less prone to rot than Trex’s composite material made of wood fiber; additionally it’s more resistant to scratches and stains as well.

Both brands offer an assortment of colors and grain patterns, but AZEK’s boards tend to have more natural-looking aesthetics, coming in an assortment of hues and wood grain patterns to fit with your decor. Furthermore, these boards resist heat and fading for optimal use in sunny areas.

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